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At Optimalpath Consulting, we bring your book to life. From the conception of your book idea until it gets into the hands of your readers, you can depend on OCL to support you all the way through. Optimalpath Consulting brings out the book in you.


We believe that the ability to read and write is essential to successful living, and no child should be denied that opportunity. That is why we have brought literacy skills to children and adults who learn English as a second, foreign, or additional language.


We offer consultancy services to governments and educational organizations around the world which are seeking to raise standards in literacy.




Olubusola (Busola) Eshiet has a PhD in Education with a focus on early years literacy development. Her drive to achieve a higher literacy rate in Nigeria, and indeed in West Africa has its root in over 30 years of experience as a teacher. In the past 10 years, she has initiated and supervised the implementation of programs leading to the attainment of an increase in teaching skills of teachers and growth in reading and writing skills of pupils.  

Busola has broad experience in pioneering and managing literacy programmes/projects. Her training and mentoring projects have benefitted thousands of Early Years teachers and over a million pupils in countries across West Africa.

 Busola has developed a strong network with literacy experts in top education policy makers, publishers, businesses, academic institutions, and charity organisations in many countries. She speaks at local and international conferences and has published articles in peer-reviewed journals.

She also has a passion for supporting for people mourning different types of losses and regularly volunteers to help bereaved people.

A lover of books, she is contributing her bit to replenish the world library of books. She has authored children’s books, textbooks, a handbook on teaching early years literacy, and books on grief support. She has more books coming.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of Optimalpath Consulting.

Olubusola Eshiet


Emmanuel Eshiet has more than 40 years’ experience in academia, human resource management and training. He has a passion for developing literacy skills and entrepreneurship. He is presently the Administrative & Finance Manager for Optimalpath Consulting and is responsible for office management, accounting and marketing.

Emmanuel Eshiet


Brad McElderry graduated with a BA (Hons) in Animation from the university of Northumbria in 2021. During his final year Brad was put forward by his peers to represent them as class rep, which he excelled at since he later went on to win the award for 'Undergraduate Programme Rep of the Year: Arts and Social Sciences.'

Currently Brad is the marketing executive for Optimalpath Consulting.

Brad McElderry