Stepping Into The Sunlight: Walking With A Friend Through Grief 


Stepping Into The Sunlight: Walking With A Friend Through Grief by Olubusola Eshiet. 

About The Book: Stepping Into The Sunlight encourages the one who has suffered a loss to stare the loss in the face, intentionally take charge of their grief, and to be strategic about recovery. It also offers advice to the friend who is keen to support the bereaved on how to help their friends take the vital steps back to life. 


About The Author: Busola has offered support for the grieving and bereaved for over 20 years. She finds fulfilment in reaching out to those who are hurt, offering encouraging words and practical help. After enjoying 10 years of promoting early years reading and writing skills in West Africa, Busola is now pursuing another one of her lifelong passions, writing to replenish the world's libraries with books. She is also the author of "Expected Date Of Departure: Preparing For The Death Of Loved Ones". 

Reviews: "Some people find it a task to read an entire book. I am one of those people. But I could easily finish reading stepping into the sunlight. Busola is a natural storyteller who infuses stories at the appropriate places, from the beginning to the end, making the book easy to read. From stories of people who lost personal belongings, health or a dream, to bereavement from loss of loved ones. Busola's stories are of real people in today's real life. You won't want to put this book down! It is a book that should be on everyone's shelf". - Ihuoma Akinremi.  

"I enjoy my relationships with people until they become bereaved. Then I feel a sense of inadequacy to provide the support I think I should offer as a good friend. So, if I can, I avoid being with them when they grieve. This doesn't mean I love them any less, only that I'm worried my attempts to comfort them may make them more miserable. Stepping into the sunlight reassures me that I am not alone in my feelings of inadequacy whilst at the same time, empowers me with the tips that I need to become that shoulder that my friends can lean on in their season of bereavement. It has been a blessing gleaning from the experience and wisdom Busola shares". - Semedeton Ilo. 

"Stepping into the sunlight shows that grief doesn't have to destroy us. We can grieve in a way that helps us to grow and brings us healing in the end. We can, in turn, reach out to support others when they are in similar situations. I agree with Busola that God can bring accelerated healing from grief as he does from physical wounds". - Yop Chundusu.