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Expected Date Of Departure

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Expected Date Of Departure: Preparing For The Death Of Loved Ones. 

About The Book: Expected Date Of Departure encourages you to invest your best into your relationships. The preparation referred to in this book is about keeping your relationships in top form and so enjoying the people that you have been blessed with. The thought of losing a loved one evokes fear. Few will admit that they think of it, fewer still want to talk about it. But bereavement is an everyday occurrence and will happen to everyone who lives long enough. 

Reviews: "The book is weighty but not heavy and it has given me this take home message, which is: don't live with regrets so that when the news comes of a loved one's death, we will be able to grieve as those who have hope. I loved the cross - continents perspective (Busola is Nigerian born, now living in the UK) that actually made the subject matter more palatable for me". - Alison Bowie, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. 

 "I find this book to be a valuable cross cultural resource for starting conversations around the subjects of life and death. It is rich with personal experiences and scriptural insights. It gave me the rare luxury to pause and shed a few private tears in the loving memory of my dear parents. Everyone goes through the fear of bereavement but no one wants to verbalise it. I must commend Busola for her ability to capture in words those feelings that a lot of people who have experienced loss find difficult to explain". - Sunday Udoh, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. 

 "I like Busola's boldness in confronting this matter. It's a subject that Nigerians and even christians avoid with the crisp phrase: Not My Portion. Preparation will help people to set their relationships in order". Ijeoma Okafor John - Chleme. Abuja, Nigeria.