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Three Is Not A Crowd 

Beautiful Young Girl

About The Book: 17 year old Patricia Crawford hasn't ever been good anything. She believes she has no talent whatsoever. After she decorates her treehouse beautifully, her best friend encourages her to continue. Well, she has no time to think about more decoration as summertime is here again. The time when she and her best friend spend a week at a retreat centre every year. This year however, she decides to invite a new friend at the last minute. Things spiral out of control and she lets her emotions get the better of her. Will she be able to fix things in time? Or has her anger ruined her friendship forever? Or does she have the time and the courage to make amends? 

 About The Author: Oluwadunsin Oyewo has always loved writing and putting pen to   paper has always been 2nd nature to her. Her great affinity for the english language   has earned her numerous awards in both primary and secondary school. She does   her best writing in her room with her headphones on. Dunsin, 14, intends to be a lifelong writer and started creating other worlds and characters in year 3 of primary school. When not involved in the latest gripping page turner, Dunsin loves cooking, baking, watching movies and daydreaming. She lives with her family in Lagos, Nigeria. "Three is not a crowd" is her debut novel. 

  Reviews: "I really liked the book. It speaks to the introvert in me. I really connected with Pat and her inner thoughts and the book took me on a familiar journey of my life as a teenager. I'm excited to see what Pat and Karly get up to next". - Itoro Udoh, 16. 

  "Who didn't feel like everything was falling apart as a teenager? Three is not a crowd captures the teenage angst of carrying the world on your shoulders but goes on to teach important lessons about love and friendship. Which is relevant to both young and old. Dunsin is a bright young with a wonderful future in creative writing ahead of her". - Ubong Ntiajuka. 

  "This book is about being open to your emotions or they may just backfire in your face. I think I relate to the character Pat the most. Sometimes when I have something on my mind, I keep it bottled up until it explodes just like Pat does. Pat should have tried to express her concerns to Karly and hopefully, they could move on from there". - Toluwase Kehinde, 17.