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Scars Do Heal 

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About The Book: In a chain of events, Omoye is married off at an early age, her much loved brother dies suddenly, and her four children are left motherless. Tayo (the only boy among the four) is at the centre of a bitter dispute between his grandparents and his father over his primary school education. His sisters are even less fortunate as their potential for getting any education is dismissed. Tayo is determined to make it in life but his resolve to succeed is often met with problems. He defies his father's instructions and as a consequence of his stubbornness, he is humiliated, abandoned, and grieving. When he thinks his ambition has come to a dead end, fate and politics intervene. What good will Omoye's sudden reappearance do? What secrets does she carry? Is it too late for reconciliation? 

Reviews: "Scars Do Heal is one of the best novels that I have read from an African author since Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. This spine chilling and optimistic book is a perfect read for rejuvenation, knowledge, and fun. With a fascinating plot that explores modern and global themes from love, family, marriage, perseverance to success, failure, faith and forgiveness. The novel reaches a very intense and consuming climax and a plethora of emotions when the hero takes ill shortly before a life scholarship competitive test. This leads to a fascinating denouement that will make you spellbound till the end. This is a must have novel for all lovers of great works of fiction". - Prof Kolawole Waziri, Olagboyega, Japan. 

  "Whether or not you have ever lived in Nigeria, Scars Do Heal will draw you into what it is like growing up in that great but flawed country where your life chances depend so much on the hand dealt to you by your family and the education system. Issues of polygamy and discipline, sex and power, violence and forgiveness, hard work and rewards, and christian faith are all dealt with honesty and a lightness of touch that shows its seriousness. It's a good story with plenty of depth and I like that it is not overly sentimental. Just when you think everything is going to go right, something else goes wrong. I like all the dialogue, it's easy to read. But above all, it encourages all of us to keep hoping for a brighter future because scars do heal". - Neil Sorenson, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

  "Kayode writes a compelling tale that strongly reminds readers that the scars of life can indeed heal. The pains, disappointments, and unmet expectations that life brings our way through circumstances can come together to mould us into indoviduals that tell the stories of battles won through courage, forgiveness, and faith. The main  character Tayo will appeal to anyone who is acutely aware of how broken humanity is yet longs for reassurance that there is hope for everyone, regardless of backstory. The story of Tayo's struggles and victories leave a lasting impression on me. I strongly recommend this book because its thought provoking". - Lanre Ilo, Canada.