Optimalpath Consulting brings literacy to children and adults who learn English as a second, foreign, or additional language. We offer consultancy services to governments and educational organizations around the world which are seeking to raise standards in literacy. We believe that the ability to read and write is essential to successful living, and no child should be denied that opportunity. We also work with organizations that raise levels of adult literacy.


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Optimalpath Consulting has already seen considerable success. Our work with state governments in Nigeria on the synthetic phonics program has helped to bring about a country-wide adoption of the method in state schools. More than 2,000,000 children have been reached so far through Optimalpath Consulting's work in Nigeria and more than 50,000 teachers have received extra training in building literacy skills. 

  • We have worked in partnership with the Open University to conduct research on literacy in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Nigeria. 

  • We have implemented a buddy project for teaching phonics, which was initially piloted in Nigeria and next Ghana. The project saw struggling children make an average gain in reading age of six months during the project.


  • We have begun a pilot of English literacy teaching in Cote d' Ivoire. The feedback already shows that learning English helps the pupils in learning French.


  • Optimalpath Consulting also works with private schools to deliver extra phonics training to as many teachers as possible.


  • training in literacy skills for teachers and education professionals


  • online training for educators


  • English language training for professionals in all spheres


  • specialist modules for teacher training institutions



  • project implementation and management


  • creation of bespoke materials and resources for large projects


  • advice and consultancy for  educational projects