Urunwa's War

The Nigerian-Biafra civil war is wearily coming to an end. Urunwa and her children are surviving in their village but only just. Urunwa’s husband and the father of the children joined the war Biafran army at the beginning of the war and his absence is felt keenly by the family. Starvation threatens their family on a daily basis but Urunwa sacrifices much to ensure all seven children survive the war. But as the war is ending, a new war front opens in their home. Urunwa’s husband returns home to the village. But who is the mysterious woman he brings home with him? What new threats will this woman bring to the peace and stability of their family?

This story of hardship, suffering, trauma, sacrifice and eventual reconciliation has the reader drawn into the world of this struggling woman desperate to keep her family intact. On a wider scale, the story presents an insight into the pain, anguish, betrayal and heartbreak ordinary men, women and children suffered during the Nigerian Civil War.


About the Author

Ebere Agugbue Nweze is passionate about the study of women’s lives and their stories in different cultural settings. Born in Nigeria, she lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a doctor of philosophy degree in English and Literary Studies and has taught Literature and Writing in universities in different parts of the world. Ebere has published several papers in literary journals and contributed chapters to books. Urunwa’s War is her first novel.

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