Expected Date of Departure

Expected Date Of Departure encourages you to invest your best into your relationships. The preparation referred to in this book is about keeping your relationships in top form and so enjoying the people that you have been blessed with. The thought of losing a loved one evokes fear. Few will admit that they think of it, fewer still want to talk about it. But bereavement is an everyday occurrence and will happen to everyone who lives long enough. 


About the Author

OLUBUSOLA ESHIET (Busola), who has offered support to the bereaved for over twenty
years, finds fulfilment in reaching out to people who hurt, offering words of encouragement
and practical help.
After enjoying a decade of promoting early years reading and writing skills in West Africa,
Busola is now busy pursuing another of her lifelong passions – writing to replenish the world
library with books, seeing as the writings of many others have been such a blessing to her.
Busola and her husband, Emmanuel, live in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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